What do bloggers + booze + balloons have in common?
Glad you asked!

I just attended The Blogcademy in NYC, led by the fantastically sweet, awesome trio of badass headmistresses, Gala Darling, Shauna Haider and Kat Williams

It was a great learning environment (super cozy space at The Silk Studio) filled with on-point branding (courtesy of the talented Shauner Haider at Nubby Twiglet), endless treats (courtesy of Pistache NYC), goodie bags filled to the brim and lots of eager bloggers.

There were so many lessons learned that it’s hard to sum it all up.

My biggest takeaway is that I’m ready.
For what’s next.
I’m ready to step up my game big time. 

The inner voices that tell me, “Who are you to build a big ‘ol successful business?”
"Don’t you know there are a million lifestyle bloggers out there already?!"
(among other not so nice things)
are full of shit.
Plain and simple.

I’m so grateful for the great tips to help me become a better blogger. I’m even more grateful for the personal growth that transpired. Who knew?!

Thank you Gala, Nubby & Kat. 
Thank you to all my fellow rockstar bloggers.
For a beautiful weekend.

There will be more where that came from.
Get over to The Blogcademy’s website and sign-up on their list to bring this amazing experience to YOUR city.